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Make Noise | 0-Coast


The 0-COAST is a single voice patchable synthesizer. It’s name reflects the fact that it utilizes techniques from both the Moog and Buchla paradigms (aka “East Coast,” and “West Coast,” due to their locations), but is loyal to neither and thus implements “no coast synthesis.” 

While the 0-COAST utilizes classic modular synthesis techniques, we designed it to operate with or without the use of patch cables. The necessary connections have been made from circuit to circuit so it operates as an expressive, musical MonoSynth. Using only the MIDI controller of your choice you could apply new timbres to your existing musical forms!

Using the included Patch Cables you can get more scientific, experimenting with new ways to wire up the circuits. You might even forgo MIDI altogether, disappearing into a cloud of analog FM-induced Sidebands and harmonics scattered around a single fundamental drone that has nothing to do with any form of music you’ve ever known.

- 2 Channels of MIDI to CV and MIDI to Gate
- Dual mode MIDI Controlled Arppegiator
- Sync to MIDI Clock
- Compatible w/ Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Signals
- Patchable w/ 13 Sources and 14 Destinations
- Triangle Core Analog VCO
- Uncommon Timbral Animation using OVERTONE & MULTIPLY
- Unique Transistor Based Low Pass Gate DYNAMICS
- Voltage Control of all circuits
- External Audio Input for combining w/ outside sounds
- Headphone and Line Level Amplifier
- Small Rugged Steel Enclosure
BrandMake Noise
Engine TypeModular (Semi)
Voices (max)1
LFO1 Envelope, Triangle
Engine Detailed1 VCO, Square, Triangle
Filter (VCF)1 Low pas
Envelope (VCA)1 ADR
Key typeN/A
CV-gateCV/Gate I
Legend: Obvious Y: Yes, N: No, N/A: Not Applicable
VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator DCO Digital Controlled Oscillator
LFO Low Frequency Oscillator Sub Sub Oscillator
VCF Voltage Controlled Filter VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier
Velocity As with a piano, the harder you hit a key, the louder the sound, unlike most organs which always produce the same loudness no matter how hard you hit a key. Aftertouch Pressing a key after you activated it. Channel Aftertouch, no matter which key, it will send a Channel message. Poly Aftertouch, sends the pressure per key instead of the whole channel.
Values for OSC, LFO, Filter, Envelope are per voice unless stated otherwise.

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