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Eowave | Magma


The MAGMA is an analogue bassline synthesizer inspired by classical synths from the 1980s. It offers the possibility to mix 4 different waveforms (saw, square, sub, noise). The 24 dB low-pass filter is also inspired from classical filters from the 80s To this particular sound of the 80s, eowave added a touch of modernity with modern controls and the ability to save parameters. The 16 step sequencer has 4 rows: 1 for notes and 3 freely assignable to a parameter of your choice that enables you to create living sequences with sororities like Vince Clark or Jan Hammer.

What‘s this? MAGMA is a monophonic analogue synthesizer with a built-in step sequencer, USB and MIDI interface. Its entire sound generation is made up of 100 percent of authentic analogue artistry. Only its modulation sources, the on-board sequencer, and the USB / MIDI interface use – of course – digital component parts. MAGMA is housed in a rugged black sheet-metal case. Only high-quality potentiometers (often referred to as pot, in case you were wondering where the shrooms are hidden…) with solid metal shafts have been used for endless hours of joyful tweaking. Each pot has been mounted firmly to the chassis. MAGMA looks as beautiful as it sounds and is made for extensive live tweaking sessions. You will have all the advantages of analogue sound-generation as well as direct access to all crucial parameters. The built-in sequencer makes MAGMA independent from other external sequencers or computers – of course it is easy to tie MAGMA up to a computer or any other MIDI-equipped gear, should you feel so inclined. 

Even though we call MAGMA a ”bass-line synthesizer”, it is not limited to bass (or lines) exclusively. There is a lot more sonic potential you will encounter while studying this manual and exploring MAGMA. Soundwise, MAGMA will instantly make you hark back to the sounds of the 1980s. Its sound-engine is inspired by Roland´s famous SH series of synthesizers which also featured mixable waveforms and an on-board sequencer. To this formula we have added contemporary controls and an on-board memory loaded with 256 presets. Yet, the idea behind MAGMA was not to make another copy of a vintage synthesizer, but to build a new synthesizer which marries the best of today‘s analogue and digital technology. We wanted to build a synthesizer with a very special timbral footprint that would conjure up images of something like ”earthy”, warm, thick, glurpy (thanks, Robert R.!), and „fat“ (without „ph“, fellows!). MAGMA is made in France. All units were assembled by hand and, bien sur, lovingly checked and tuned to specs by eowave.
Engine TypeAnalog
Voices (max)1
Engine Detailed1 VCO Saw Up, Square, Sub Oscillator, White Noise
Filter (VCF)1 24dB Slope (4-pole), Low Pass, Resonance
Envelope (VCA)ADSR
Sequencer16 step sequencer has 4 rows: 1 for note, 3 assignable to a parameter.
Key typeN/A
AudioStereo out
MidiI, USB
Legend: Obvious Y: Yes, N: No, N/A: Not Applicable
VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator DCO Digital Controlled Oscillator
LFO Low Frequency Oscillator Sub Sub Oscillator
VCF Voltage Controlled Filter VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier
Velocity As with a piano, the harder you hit a key, the louder the sound, unlike most organs which always produce the same loudness no matter how hard you hit a key. Aftertouch Pressing a key after you activated it. Channel Aftertouch, no matter which key, it will send a Channel message. Poly Aftertouch, sends the pressure per key instead of the whole channel.
Values for OSC, LFO, Filter, Envelope are per voice unless stated otherwise.

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